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Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ??MaxiEcu2 - xilophene - 12-17-2012

Hi to all !

Do you know this Diagnostic tool MaxiEcu2 ??for OBD2 , OPEL , RENAULT , FORD , FIAT , CITROEN , PEUGEOT , NISSAN and MERCEDES .
soft in English,POLski,French,Deutch

PC 32 bits :

PC 64 bits :

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ?? - Karizmo - 01-29-2013

This is big shit !

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ?? - przemol892008 - 02-06-2013

Worse than the Autocom?

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ?? - scarymistake - 05-20-2013

Maxi test

[Image: afbeelding1id.png]

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ?? - zipera997 - 06-20-2013

it is cheap software to check the errors, the software works with elm327, which allows the diagnosis of other modules than the engine.

It is also available in English

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ??MaxiEcu2 - scarymistake - 05-18-2015

Can somebody activate already (to test if it works)


[Image: 2rp91km.jpg][Image: 2cdbguc.jpg][Image: 2mquepv.jpg]

ELM 327

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ??MaxiEcu2 - stanley - 04-10-2016

Have someone "broke" activation MAXIECU 2?

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ??MaxiEcu2 - automotive_mhh - 07-19-2017

Already exist patch for this program ?
Thank you

RE: Diagnostic tool MaxiTest ??MaxiEcu2 - camataru70 - 11-08-2019

Hi to all! I have MaxiEcu from Poland,the tool was allmost ok until i was doing a dpf reg on Opel Corsa D 1.3 cdti.During this time my laptop needed power and i plug the charger on socket(auto charger from lighter plug)and my interface died....I open interface and i find a part burned,one chip dfn8.I can read of this part only DAEA 1741 and nothing else because of burned case.Can you friends give me help to find all is writed on this chip? Thank to all!