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Polo 2018 AW reset steering assist P1609

Does anyone has a how to, how to fix this problem? I've read the thread but it is not very clear how to fix it? I've tried to contact multipe users who managed to reset the steering column but they do not reply. I'd be glad if someone could help me.
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(10-19-2018, 11:30 AM)hubson Wrote: Hello. I want to start the steering support after the accident. I've processed the odis. I made adjustments, parameterizations and settings for the kata sensor. The error disappears and then returns. I want to try vcds but I do not have a login. In the attachment autoscan.
this in fact is a tricky one, neither odis nor elsa tells you the right procedure, the rack you have has to be flashed to the right equipment of your vehicle.
that's after you did the normal flashing and coding. 
you need odis with online connection as you have to download a flash file. you have to go into odis right klick the steering cu then guided functions and then something like "parameterise" or so i can't remember what exactly it was.

ive had this issue 2 times now when non of the local audi dealers were able to do it and it ended up at our workshop.
some of them replaced the rack 2x and g85 as well without success. ( by the way g85 is not in the rack as stated here before i know that one of the test plans tells you so but its wrong !)

the testplan will ask you the pr number and what weight class your vehicle is then it will download a small file and flash the steering.

trust me i had exactly the same issue connect up odis right click steering rack cu and then guided functions. take a screenshot and send it here ill tel you what to klick.

happy to help any of you guys with same issue via Skype or WhatsApp just pm me... 

i now you think you already flashed it etc.. but its an extra flash file that flashes a certain partition within the rack
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